New Maintenance Training Centre established in Northern Region of the Kingdom

Edutacs* in partnership with Festo Didactic** have successfully executed of establishing a new Maintenance Training Centre for one of the leading Institutes of the Kingdom. This Project was initiated to enhance the Institute training experience in accordance with plans of being a major vocational, test and certifying center in the Northern Region.

It’s better to see something once than hear it described a hundred times over.

This ancient truth is fully confirmed by modern psychological research. In fact, we can only add “see and participate”. Training simulators help to make the maintenance processes as clear as possible. Moreover, it allows to practice on the equipment real working situations. The goal of this Centre is to train students of the Northern region to the highest standards of work on the equipment, which they will use in the field in future. As a result, this approach provides cost savings, increased training efficiency, and allows more specialists to be trained on-the-fly.  

Glance on Project Objectives & Outcomes

Maintenance Common Core Program:

Training Program allows students to improve their practical skills and understand of electrical AC Motor system, power distribution system and hazard area lighting system. As well as practice safe working methods on electrical systems. Maintenance Common Core Program Training will include also important aspects of reading blueprints, schematics, and electrical symbols. Moreover, it will help to develop technical sketching and drawing performance of the students.

AC Motor control circuit for Maintenance Training Centre

Electrical Program:

Electrical Program of the Training Centre main target is to master main electrical principles and maintain lighting and power distribution systems. Students will learn concepts of installation, motors, and transformers testing. In addition to concepts of single & three phase motors and concepts of different techniques of domestic wiring.

Electrical Program Laboratory for Maintenance Training Centre

Mechanical Drives Learning Program:

This program will introduce mechanical drive systems to the students of the Training Centre. They will be able to learn and practice the concepts of belt, chains, and gear drives work. As well as concepts of couplings and shaft alignment, concepts of bearings and linear bearings. Also, Mechanical Drives Learning Program includes concepts of gaskets, seals, ball screws, clutches, and brakes, vibration analysis, laser alignment, and lubrication.

Mechanical Drives for Maintenance Training Centre

Pumps Learning Program:

Pumps Learning Program of the Training Centre will introduce fluid mechanics and concepts of pump installation and lubrication. This system will improve understanding of the concepts of shaft alignment and inspection, component replacement, valve restriction. Moreover, it will help to master concepts of pump maintenance and vibration analysis, air injection and pump wiring.

Pump Station for Maintenance Training Centre

Located in remote area of Northern-Boarder region, Project execution has posed an actual challenge. To ensure successful completion our team presented pipeline tasks and functions in greater details. Edutacs has carefully set the project execution plan in five stages: Preliminary, Preparation, Workshops Readiness, Training and Project Completion & Delivery. Therefore, Edutacs measured adjusted training of the trainers, curriculum preparation assistance, and equipment final burn-Test to achieve the highest possible capacity. Above all, our team has carried the responsibility for all technical issues in regard of the project. Including blueprints, layouts, demolishing, construction, installations, configurations, applications of the proposed solutions. In other words, all process to ensure that the system works 100% efficiently without any operational or functional problems impacting system performance.

* Educational Technology Company Limited (Edutacs), established in 2002 as part of HAKA group, representing one of the largest conglomerates in Eastern Province founded by the late Sheikh Hassan Abdul Karim Al Gahtani in 1967. Edutacs has grown to become a pioneer in introducing learning technologies & engineering solutions. The Edutacs head office located in Al Khobar, Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Company offers a model of “Next Door Engagement” and “Co-creation” with customers across the Kingdom. Above all, Edutacs presents the entire spectrum of solutions and services that enhances learning in classrooms, corporate, industrial training centers, colleges, and vocational laboratories.

** Festo Didactic

the world’s leading supplier of automation technology and technical & vocational education. Festo Didactic is deploying its products and services to meet the challenge of smart production for the future in the course of digitalization. Also the company relies on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The company based in Esslingen, Germany, has been a driving force in automation for over 60 years. And with its unique range of offers has become the world market leader in technical education. With over 300,000 customers worldwide in factory and process automation putting their trust in the company’s pneumatic and electric drives solutions. In addition, Festo Didactic provides state-of-the-art training solutions for 56,000 industrial companies and educational institutions throughout the world.

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