Edutacs presents a new automatic method to monitor students during online exams

Edutacs* in partnership with Biometric Signature ID** is proud to announce a new innovative solution available for educational institutions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. BioSight-ID is an exam monitoring alternative to traditional live proctoring methods. By providing a passive, proven way to monitor students during exams. It’s is suitable for universities, schools, colleges and training centers.

How it works?

Before an exam, users authenticate their identity with BioSight-ID, causing activation of the device’s webcam. System verifies face detection and passively scans anomalies during the test. Once the exam complete, users can exit the BioSight-ID portal.

BioSight-ID uses automated blurred image capture technology to monitor the user’s activity via a device webcam.  System then establishes if the user is present throughout the session, or if there is suspicious activity. For example, if there is more than one person in the room.


Face images are continuously analyzed by BSI’s AI. All reports will be available on the client dashboard and real-time notifications with detailed information about all activities of the monitor students.  

This solution does not disturb students with virtual protocols as it’s automated AI. And face anonymization uses blurred faces to eliminate any student privacy concerns.

Contact Edutacs team to learn more about BioSight-ID or to schedule demonstration in your office. Our specialists will be happy to implement this monitor students solution for your university, school, college or training center.

Send your request to or through contact form on our website.

* Educational Technology Company Limited (Edutacs), established in 2002 as part of HAKA group, representing one of the largest conglomerates in Eastern Province founded by the late Sheikh Hassan Abdul Karim Al Gahtani in 1967. Edutacs has grown to become a pioneer in introducing learning technologies & engineering solutions. With the head office located in Al Khobar, Eastern region of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company offers a model of “Next Door Engagement” and “Co-creation” with customers across the kingdom. Edutacs offers the entire spectrum of solutions and services that enhances learning in classrooms, corporate, industrial training centers, colleges, and vocational laboratories.

** Biometric Signature ID is based in Dallas, Texas and is a leading developer of biometric ID verification software solutions using multi-factor authentication (MFA). Its innovative identity solution BioSig-ID authenticates individuals with a unique finger or mouse-drawn password. The simple change from a typed password to a drawn password turns your password into a multi-factor authenticator. Unlike other biometrics like fingerprints, BioSig-ID™ gesture biometrics do not require any special hardware.

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