Our Services

Needs Analysis and Solution Design

Our field solutions specialist architects work hand in hand with our clients to understand and help define their needs to recommend the best technology and services to fulfill these needs.

Understanding the project environment helps us define the need to deliver a current situation analysis so that we can define the documentation needs and the technology framework. In this phase we also recommend appropriate technologies to fit your budget or recommend a budget to deliver the objectives.

Implementation & Integration

During implementation and integration, it is very important to consider the following factors:

  • Projects play an important part in the achievement of institutional objectives
  • Projects are to be implemented in the context of overall institutional framework and infrastructure, where the project’s components may be linked to deliverables and components outside the project’s ecosystem

It is therefore critical to consider the implementation and integration phase as a realization phase where the needs identified are designed and implemented to achieve:

  • Project Milestones
  • Project Budget goals
  • Project Integration goals
  • Project Quality goals

Our project managers and technology specialists provide a comprehensive project plan clearly specifying the timelines & deliverables, identifying stakeholders while defining responsibilities for all team members.

Built on a wide implementation experience we deliver a clear and detailed implementation methodology, allowing us to foresee what could go wrong and take preventive actions to mitigate the risks. There are clearly defined points for sign-off with acceptance criteria and handover checklist, which ensures that there are no unforeseen events in the implementation delivering a smooth closure.

Our implementation methodology places a high emphasis on solution adoption, which is why we have detailed training, knowledge transfer, and go-live support built into our project plan.


We strive to protect our client’s investments, therefore we have a well-defined process around migration. From content on an existing LMS to migration of media and user information, we leverage the existing investment and knowledge IPR of the clients by migrating them to the new solution.

Migration requirements are therefore identified right at the project start and migrations strategies put in place ensure that:

  • Complete user and context assets are secured.
  • The legacy assets are usable in the new environment.
  • The impact of migration is clearly documented and formally accepted by all stakeholders.

We also address any requirements for task automation, high volume handling, digitization, and building migration-specific wrappers. Our well-defined process ensures that there is no leakage of information or assets as a result of the migration.

Operation & Maintenance

Institutions with green field projects, sometimes need to outsource the Operations and Maintenance of virtual learning environments and associated services to a reliable 3rd Party, Therefore, we have built the capability, processes, human resources and experience to take on the operation and maintenance of e-learning projects.

With a proven track record of supporting institutions through management of virtual learning environments right from the pilot run to stable state operations for multiple years, our functional experts, technical experts and trainers take full responsibility of managing the virtual e-learning environment in an SLA – oriented service Agreement.

In parallel to the O&M implementation, our teams also build up the capabilities of the client’s staff to take over the complete O&M management as per agreed timelines and deliverables.

Applications Layer

Today, in spite of the availability of feature-rich applications, due to specific institutional mandates and custom reporting needs, there is a requirement to enhance applications or provide additional applets.

Our full-fledged teams of programmers and application specialists can help you with delivering enhancements to your learning applications or developing small applications that work with our existing applications

  • Learning Management Systems
  • Web-based Collaboration Systems
  • Mobile Learning Systems
  • Learning Analytics Applications
  • Enterprise Assessment Applications
  • Social Learning Integration Applications
  • Language Lab Solutions
  • Lecture Capture Solutions and Active Learning Solutions
  • Classroom Technologies(Smartboards and Clickers)

Application Enhancement

Typically, the application and service frameworks are a function of:

  • Stakeholder Goals
  • Institutional Framework Mandates
  • Existing external and internal ecosystems

In case any of these three get modified, the ask from the application and service framework also changes. This may have a major or minor impact on the design architecture , ranging from generation of new reports to changing the way integration has been implemented altogether adding new applets.

Therefore, in spite of the availability of feature-rich applications, due to specific institutional mandates and custom reporting needs, there is a requirement to enhance applications or provide additional applets.

Our full-fledged team of programmers and application specialists can help you make enhancements to your learning applications or develop small applications that work with our own existing applications.