Welding Training Workshop Establishment for SPSP

Saudi Petroleum Services Polytechnic (SPSP), Dammam, KSA was established to meet the needs of the Petroleum Services Industry and to support the Saudization of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2019 MOTC technical department needed to expand the welding training facility due to the increase of Trainees number. Installing the latest advanced technology training equipment was the target to satisfy the industry’s demand for welders and will help to provide advance training in the future.

A turn-key project included construction and rehabilitation of the site, provisioning of AC/DC welders, welding simulators, tools & equipment & consumables and eventually, installing and operating of an external fume suction station serving the new workshop with different levels of safety considerations. This project as per description was a multi-discipline project that consumed a massive preparation and consultation efforts. Educational Technology Company Limited (Edutacs) has joined the race and submitted the winning proposal to SPSP. During the third and fourth quarters of 2020-2021, despite the invasion of COVID-19 at a time, Edutacs has accepted the challenge. Our team created a schedule with different backup plans and formalized it with an execution plan for this project. Edutacs shipped equipment from USA, Sweden, UAE, and the local market with a close eye on delivery, installation and training to ensure proper execution and meet the deadline of the project.

In early 2021, MOTC has celebrated the opening of the new welding training workshop in a great ceremony and work has conducted in a swift and great performance manner. The project was a success. 

Project Objectives

To establish a new welding training workshop with the following merits:

  • Allows training of future qualified welders in a more sustainable and efficient way besides saving time and reducing training cost.
  • Enables SPSP to close the gap between the market demand for qualified welders. As well as the available workforce of trainees and professionals seeking continued training program.
  • Improves the quality of the training by increasing the skills level of the trainees.
  • Minimizes labor risks by avoiding physical risks for trainees while practicing 
  • Assures safely set-up and use of oxy-acetylene equipment for welding and cutting operations.
  • Guarantees safely set-up and operate arc welding equipment to specification.
  • Assures safely set-up and carry out welding using the gas tungsten arc and gas metal arc welding techniques and procedures.
  • Meets all of the 6G / S01 requirements for certification

Partial layout of the suggested workshop

Workshop 3D Modeling

Welding Training Workshop Execution Phases

Edutacs team evaluated a project risk assessment to place different execution alternatives because of the spread of COVID-19. International shipping was the main obstacle since all shipping companies have refrained to provide accurate and exact schedules.  Higher-level of communications through all available channels and day-to-day following-up & reporting was only guarantee to meet the planned schedule. Pipeline, tasks and functions had to be presented in greater details to assure successful completion. Edutacs was responsible for all technical issues in regard of the project. Such as blueprints, layout, demolishing/construction, installations, configurations, and applications of the solutions. to ensure that the workshop is entirely synchronized and efficient without any operational problems or equipment malfunctional that might impact the workshop performance.

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* Educational Technology Company Limited (Edutacs)

https://edutacs.com, established in 2002 as part of HAKA group https://www.hakagroup.co, representing one of the largest conglomerates in Eastern Province founded by the late Sheikh Hassan Abdul Karim Al Gahtani in 1967. Edutacs has grown to become a pioneer in introducing learning technologies & engineering solutions. The Edutacs head office located in Al Khobar, Eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Company offers a model of “Next Door Engagement” and “Co-creation” with customers across the Kingdom. Above all, Edutacs presents the entire spectrum of solutions and services that enhances learning in classrooms, corporate, industrial training centers, colleges, and vocational laboratories.

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