FACET Learning System

In Edutacs we understand importance of the learning systems for future professionals. When you read this page on a connected device such as a smartphone, tablet, desktop PC or laptop, you expect it to work in a certain way. But have you ever considered how these devices actually communicate with a network to access the information you want? There are very specific communication protocols, or standards, that allow devices within a communication system to ‘talk’ to each other by transmitting information. Protocols define the rules and language of this communication that enable the behavior you expect. Using the renowned learning system FACET developed by FESTO, we offer comprehensive training in network protocols. Thus establishing a strong foundation for further studying the topic of communications.

The eSeries for FACET® program consists of 30 courses, each carefully designed to foster recognition, understanding, experimentation, troubleshooting, application, and evaluation of analog and digital electronics circuitry.

FACET Learning System Board

Four main topics of the program:

  • Basic Electricity and Electronics
  • Digital and Microprocessor Electronics
  • Industrial Electronics
  • Communications Systems

Rich in comprehensive content and competency-based, hands-on learning activities. Since each course gives students critical skills in one or more of the key areas of electronics study.

The basic design of the FACET® by FESTO courses is always similar. They begin with a 50-question pretest and conclude with a 50-question posttest. In addition, each course consists a quantity of units based on the complexity of the accompanying board. Each unit has a Fundamentals section followed by many exercises that allow students to apply the information from Fundamentals. Moreover, all exercise concludes with graded review questions. The units conclude with a 10-question quiz.

Each board comes with comprehensive, hands-on instruction with theory and practice. This courseware is available in traditional paper format or on a computer-based platform. The computer-based courseware, called eSeries for FACET®, providing a seamless integration of courseware delivery and classroom management. Conventional or virtual instrumentation will complete the training set up.

Flexibility in delivery of the FACET Learning System

To accommodate a variety of training situations, the system offers multiple configurations. Since FACET® workstation is available as a stand-alone or USB-connected version.

The courseware is available in a standard, paper-based curriculum or, a computer based interactive multimedia courseware, the eSeries. Also, FACET® is suitable for a multitude of training purposes in educational, industrial, R&D and training laboratories.

Rugged construction for durability

The hardware components of the FACET® Learning system are highly safe and designed for durability. Of course, we can easy insert training board into the base unit and complete electronic workstation. Further, the built-in guide and stopper protects the unit from damage. The unique zero insertion force (ZIF) connector with a lockable knob insures the integrity of the connection. Moreover, for additional durability we use gold-plated connectors. We distribute power to the board by the base unit to protect against short circuits, reverse voltage, and overcurrent. As a result, the fact that there is no high voltage makes the system completely safe for students.

Contact Edutacs team to learn more about FACET Learning System through info@edutacs.com or contact form. Our specialists will be happy to implement this learning system for your university, school, college or training center.

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