A great partnership between Serosoft and Edutacs to drive automation and innovation among educational institutions

Serosoft – the world’s leading ERP and SIS company, and Edutacs – a leading learning technologies & Engineering solutions company came closer to bring automation and digital transformation in educational institutions.

This partnership will focus on finding and helping educational institutions that are thinking to opt automation and digital transformation or that are still functioning manual interventions. This merger will focus on erasing problems in academic and administrative operations. Along with this, it will also help educational institutions to bring more opportunities and growth in every perspective.

Serosoft and Edutacs became partners to collaborate with universities, colleges, and schools that are still struggling to choose the right technology to achieve the desired growth and success. Education and technology, these two things are the most important in today’s scenario and it is high time for institutions to choose to opt for technology to provide seamless and better education to individuals and this amalgamation can seem to fill this gap for institutions in a better way.

About Serosoft
Serosoft is a leading educational software and solutions company having a mission to transform digitally 2000 leading institutions across the world ensuring greater learning & ease for students, higher productivity for teachers and staff, better decision-making for leadership, Innovation & advancement for the education ecosystem having a dynamic team of erstwhile I-Bankers, US graduates, and MBA’s. Its out-of-the-box and customized solutions are helping scores of institutions and corporations – globally- overcome their educational and learning challenges and to drive innovation.

About Edutacs
Edutacs is one of the leading and growing companies becoming pioneers in introducing learning technologies & engineering solutions. The company offers a model of “Next Door Engagement” and “Co-creation” with customers across the kingdom.
Edutacs offers the entire spectrum of solutions and services that enhance learning in classrooms, corporate, industrial training centers, colleges, and vocational laboratories.

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